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How to assemble lean tube workbench?
View:    Date:2017-5-23 15:36:44
1.You should imagine a picture of lean pipe workbench that you want to make in your mind, then draw a diagram.
2.Referring to drawing, prepare material, lean pipe, lean pipe joint and other material, figure out the type and quantity of joint, size and number of pipe.
3.Figure out the most suitable line bar pipe after purchase.Pipe specifications are followings: 30cm, 45cm, 60cm, 90cm, 1.2M, 1.5M, 3M, 2M, 2.5M, 4M and other length.
4.Measure the size of the lean pipe material and mark with pen at the cutting position.
5.Although the metal cutting saw sold on the market also can cut lean pipes and the cutter blade is aligned with the mark, Using professional hand cutters can vertically cut lean tubing.
6.Remove the burr with a file, because it may scratch people, line pipe and rod incision (lateral to medial) produced by burr. It will result in difficult insertion of the top (inner pipe top) of the embedded incision. Using the wire rod tubing special manual cutter to cut pipe. The pipe is
 fixed on the work table for cutting, reduceing the difficulty of cutting, and blade will be more durable.
7.Assemble and glue (assemble the lean worktable in sequence)
8.Please put the joint on the pipe, make the front 2 feet, to be installed in place after bonding and need to make two products.
9.The joint is sheathed on the pipe, don't glue. Glue the selected joints and joints together. Finally, make sure the position of the joint after bonding, pay attention to the direction of the joint to ensure its symmetry,.
10.The direction of joint pipe will be front and rear foot connection adhesive. Because the left and right sides are symmetrical, please pay attention when assembling. Assemble in a flat place to prevent the joint from turning.
11.Finally, at the 4 feet of the table, stick the plate support joint, connect the left and right sides made in the 3 place, connect the right side and the left side with the pipe material, and glue together.
12.Cut the countertop into lean pipe work table size device on the table, put the plate on the table. Lean management workbench is completed.

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