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The application of lean tubes in production workshop?
View:    Date:2017-5-23 15:34:24

What are the application of lean pipe in the production workshop?

Lean pipe slide rack, flexible pipe material, slide rack, mobile rack, slide rack, pull rack;


Features of flexible pipe quality slide frame structure surface electrostatic spray, waterproof and anti corrosion ability, high safety coefficient; flexible pipe quality slide rail frame design basis; first to the unit load, and its weight is the packaging of the goods; within 1.5m, low, high warehouse shelves height of less than 12m in general;


In the structure of industrial production, in order to better load capacity requirements, the corresponding products must have a better data structure, and the flexible pipe can be designed according to different application requirements. To make use of its products, the design structure is simple, but the production of raw materials have good flexibility, users can assemble their own design line completely according to the actual demand of product shape, the adjustment is very convenient. Then, what is its application in the production workshop? Here's one more thing to know.


l  Lean pipe slide rack

Flexible pipe material slide rail rack, mobile shelf, slide type shelf, pull type shelf, advanced first out shelf, etc., convenient and quick, stable structure.


Structural features of flexible pipe quality rail rack:

The surface is electrostatic spray and has advantage of waterproof and anti corrosion ability, high safety coefficient, plug type combination.Without screws and welding, it’s so convenient.The size can be customized! Make full use of space and improve storage capacity, according to customer requirements design and manufacture.


Design basis of flexible pipe quality rail rack

The packing of the goods and the weight of characteristic groups, determine the type of tray, specifications, size, and weight of single carrier and stacker (single carrier cargo weight is generally less than 2000kg), and then determine the span, depth and spacing of the shelf unit, according to the maximum effective height along the fork warehouse roof and forklift the high shelf height decision. Shelf unit span is generally less than 4m, within 1.5m depth, low, high warehouse shelves height of less than 12m in general, ultra high warehouse shelves height of less than 30m in general (such as automated warehouse warehouse shelf, total height by several segments within 12m column.)


Widely using in manufacturing, third party logistics and distribution centers and other fields, It’ s t only used for a variety of small quantities of goods, but also for small varieties, large quantities of goods. In addition, in order to improve space utilization, channel width can be reduced, with a special push up exercise on the track, the vertical storage space, which has become alleys rack.


l  Lean tube turnover car

1.The building blocks of arbitrary assembly, flexible structure, continuous improvement, and gradually reach the reasonable state of the product structure.

2.After the production plan has been confirmed, can be quickly responsed, then adapt to changing production processes and meet the urgent needs of customers.

3.Beautiful appearance, no pollution, can improve the working environment, in line with environmental protection requirements.

4.Magic changes, so that it has a strong material handling capacity, to solve a variety of different material discharge and turnover.

5.The value of resources, not only show the value of its reuse, reduce costs, but also shows its great power.


Characteristics of turnover cars:

1, it has the advantages of convenient disassembly, flexible assembly and improved production efficiency.

2, the turnover car is designed for the factory to load, production, maintenance, operation and other materials turnover design.

3, it has a special surface treatment, with anti-corrosion, anti-static and other characteristics, can meet the different requirements of the use.


l   Junyi coated pipe Co.,Ltd lean production line

Flexible pipe line or flexible pipe production line is composed of main frame, the panel consists of three parts, lighting system, also can increase some configuration, according to the actual demand such as the trachea, air hanging rail sliding, process card instructions, hooks and other components. And the main frame is composed of pipes, joints, feet, sealing etc., so it is applied to the flexible pipe line to go. The flexible pipe assembly line of easy operation and flexible operation, easy to adjust or change the operation process, it also reduces waste in most process products.

Flexible pipe assembly line is the right-hand man of modern production, so, What are the main features of flexible pipe assembly line? Flexible assembly line assembly method is very simple and easy to understand, the assembly of flexible pipe line is very quick, can fast meet the needs of producing. Each interface of flexible pipe line products is a unified model size, when assembly of flexible pipe line is needed, you only need a hex wrench. Is this operation very convenient? Flexible pipe assembly line in the process of assembly, only need to go along the two ends of each joint part of the interface with a unified specification of the line. Flexible pipe line takes up little space. It has simple flexible tube, can be piled up freely after disassemble, and won't occupy too much space and position. And flexible pipe assembly line modeling is a scientific design, in the use of the process will never take up too much space. It is easy to handle.


The flexible pipe line is light in weight, and lots of flexible pipe line an be moved easily in the production process. Wheel will be installed on the bottom of the flexible pipe line. Using in the production process of flexible pipe conveying pipe line will be more convenient. In addition to the above three points, the flexible pipe line is very safe, environmental protection and flexible.

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