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The step of lean tubes workbench?
View:    Date:2017-5-23 15:31:27
Junyi Coated Pipe Co. Ltd.lean work workbench is used in inspection, maintenance and assembly of products of different industries.Lean pipe workbench can make  factories more clean and make  production arrangement more efficient. It can also adjust  to the changing needs of the production,finally  building a standard, safe and comfortable working environment.

Steps for making lean work workbench:

1, workbench design: Lean pipe table is a non-standard equipment, from design to production, are in accordance with the actual needs of customers to professionally custom.
2 、 prepare materials: after the final design of the lean workbench, prepare the required material specifications according to the material standards on the drawings.
3 、 installation of table: the prepared material should be installed according to the sample on the drawing, especially take care of the fastening of all kinds of connecting parts.
4, production platform panels: in accordance with the size of the platform panels, anti-static materials used to make good, and should pay attention to wrapping around.
5. the installation of the shielding plate: after installing the worktable  basically ,start to install  the baffle of the green three amine board on the top part

The lean workbench is a combination of lean tubes and a wealth of connectors. We should focus on the knowledge of the lean work desk and extend its working life.

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