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What are the materials of lean tubes made of?
View:    Date:2017-5-23 15:19:10
Dongguan Junyi Coated Pipe Co. Ltd.  lean pipe is designed with high efficiency, high variability, easy understanding, economy and environmental protection . The lean pipe is a welded steel pipe with plastic resin coating after surface treatment of high quality steel pipe. The outer surface is made of thermoplastic adhesive and special plastic layer, and the inner surface is covered with anticorrosive coating. To prevent the coating from being separated from the steel tube, a special adhesive is used between the coating and the steel tube. The inner wall of the steel pipe is corrosion resistant coating, the diameter of standard lean pipe  is 28mm, and the thickness of steel pipe wall is 1.0mm.

Lean pipe product is a module composed of fittings and connectors of the system, It can make any creative ideas change into  practical personalized structure is characterized by simplicity and speed and low cost.After the composition of products, you will find our  products with beautiful appearance, wear-resistant, bright color, rust, pollution-free and other features. It is an ideal alternative to stainless steel products.

Dongguan Junyi Coated Pipe Co. Ltd. Lean tube is mainly used in anti-static workshop, dust-free workshop, studio, electronic precision parts, auto parts and other relevant industries production system. It applied to fitter, mold, assembly, packaging, testing, maintenance, production, office and other production purposes. Pipes and fittings are reusable and can be reassembled to meet new requirements when the life cycle of a product or process is over.

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