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Jun yi coated pipe Co., Ltd.
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How to assemble lean tube workbench?
1.You should imagine a picture of lean pipe workbench that you want to make in your mind, then draw a diagram.2.Referring to drawing, prepare material, lean pipe, lean pipe joint an…
The application of lean tubes in production workshop?
What are the application of lean pipe inthe production workshop? Lean pipe slide rack, flexible pipematerial, slide rack, mobile rack, slide rack, pull rack; Features of flexible …
The step of lean tubes workbench?
Junyi Coated Pipe Co. Ltd.lean work workbench is used in inspection, maintenance and assembly of products of different industries.Lean pipe workbench can make factories more clean …
The application of lean tubes?
Dongguan Junyi coated pipe Co.,Ltd lean pipeis designed with high efficiency, high variability,easy understanding , economy and environmental protection . It being used widely in In…
What are the materials of lean tubes made of?
Dongguan Junyi Coated Pipe Co. Ltd. lean pipe is designed with high efficiency, high variability, easy understanding, economy and environmental protection . The lean pipe is a weld…

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