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Jun yi coated pipe Co., Ltd.
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Congratulation!! Jun Yi Coated Pipe Co,. Ltd has through the certification of ISO9001:2015
View:    Date:2018-2-7 17:11:55

           After hardworking of all company employees, through comprehensive auditing of specialists of certificated company, the quality management system of our company meet the requirements of ISO9001:2015. Thus the certificated company awarded our company ISO9001:2015 International Quality Management System Certification at 5th Feb. 2018. ISO9001:2015 International Quality Management System Certification is the most comprehensive detection of company’s management system. And it is the most important guarantee of company’s sustained, stable and healthy development. We will perfect and normalize management system further, improve the effectiveness of system running and advance rapid growth of our company. Through certification of ISO9001:2015 is a kind of acceptance of our company.

          ISO9001:2015 means our company’s quality management system have reached international standard and it also means we can provide high quality products to our customers sustained and stable. ISO9001:2015 also provide a powerful guarantee for our company to improve customer service and establish brand image.

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