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The euro to the RMB exchange rate below 7
View:    Date:2017-3-3 12:04:09
The euro to the RMB exchange rate has enter the 6 digit range like the dollar. Released yesterday,the china foreign exchange trade center released the Middle price of the inter-bank foreign exchange market RMB exchange rate is 1 euro to 6.9795 yuan,had fall 1409 basis points than the previous trading day,below round number"7",once again refresh the all time low in the 13 years after the euro formal circulation.

After the euro exchange rate to fall caused by the European central bank open "quantitative easing" Released yesterday,the president of European central bank Mario Draghi announced:the European central bank decided to expand the scope of bond purchases,painning to buy 60 billion euros each month of the government and private debt since March of this year and is expected will last until the end of September 2016.this scale are larger than market expectations of 50 billion euros each month befor the asset purchase program.After the announcement,the euro to dollar exchange rate was falling.even reached 1.1367 became the lowest level since September 2003.

Since may of last year,the exchange rate of euro to RMB were in a state of decline and there are expect that it will continue to fall in the future market perhaps reach to the dollar. 

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