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Trends analysis of China's hardware industry market standard in 2015
View:    Date:2017-3-3 12:03:42
hardware industry is developing rapidly,many hardware companies can find themselves in a market environment of development, and constantly develop new products, innovative management model, and achieved good market reaction.But can not be ignored at the same time,The high speed development also bring many problems ,it is a big impact on the development of the whole hardware industry. The lack of industry standard is a major objectives reasons,it si also inevitable in the process of each industry development,but who really need to work on the formation of the hardware industry specification?

Electrical business performance are excellence but why human rights complaints are variety

we know from China hardware tools industry market present situation and the investment strategy analysis report,with the flawed of e-commerce, Hardware enterprise involved in the electricity business is not a new thing.More and more customs choose hardware products from the Internet. inquiry hardware price.enjoy convenient shopping experience.However hardware electrical business are still in the"adolescence", it show more or less unadapt in the electrical business environment.Hardware customers were not easy to deal with as enterprise thought,they are not very clear a reality that hardware products is"Three points at products,seven points at install and after-sale's service". SO there are so many complaints about delivery,install and after-sale's service on the customers rights protection BBS or media. But where should this"online hardware after-sale's protection" seek? It once let the hardware electrical business development in trouble.

Discount and promotion are Wave surging but where the really benefits can find.

Then we talk to the discount and promotion, there are always can smell the smoke of a price war, As the"golden nine"sales promotion season,Hardware enterprise and electrical manufacturer muster all their strength to stir a sale boom in the before and after Mid-Autumn festival, at this time the industry competition also enter into the white-hot stage. Inaddition to the price,discount, privilege these conventional way of promotion, There have a "sample promotion", many customers are interested in it. But the promotion of hardwares  also let person worry, customers not only enjoy the discount price, The discount more on the after-sale's service. This is the market rule "Low price goods less after-sales"

truth of false environmental protection,How to pay for the person's health

Online purchase fristly for quick and convenient,secondly for low price.Purhase hardware in the promotion season is also for the price temptation. But focus on the hardware's healthy environmental protection standard can be a pursuit for more rational consumers. Formaldehyde exceeds bid is still a big problems in hardware industry that can't be ignored,Many hardware products flow into the market without environmental protection level and formaldehyde burst size. It cause the frequent of Formaldehyde scandal. It walk very difficulty in the hardware industry environmental road. Not the hardware need to use the environmental protection product, IT also needed during the process of production to guarantee Formaldehyde exceeds bid, It's fundamentally increase the cost and it's why environmental protection hardware are expensive several time then ordinary metal prices.

"Low cost in low price", "to the environmental protection first pay" has been left behind potential dangers for industry development, hardware enterprise should strengthen self-discipline, and on the premise of industry standards and specification promotional advertising information and the way of business, an orderly production, sales and competition.

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