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Quality accident
View:    Date:2017-3-3 12:02:51

The Quality department of Jun Yi has recieved a complaint of small bearing capacity of Lean tubes. After checking, these tubes(T=0.7mm,color yellow)were shipped a month ago.

After Quality department analyzing the reason and checking the record,we ask the customer for the sample of these tubes. After receiving the samples from customer, we did the destructive test on the coated pipe and found that, a) the thickness of material is only 0.6mm ; b) there is no print inside the tubes.Both points prove that the tubes are not Junyi’s product. So we sent the sample (from customer) and some tube samples in our stock back to the customer, and ask this  customer to compare the tubes with any tubes purchased from us before.

    Finally, with comparing their samples and Junyi’s sample tubes, consulting the usage condition of buyers.the customer proved that the condemned tubes are not Junyi’s product.

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