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JY-1200E| storage shelf pipe seal-capping|supporting load-bearing fitting|non-slip mat

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Product description

Item: JY-1200E

Product material: SPCC

Product weight: 0.147 kg

Packing specification: 1*100 pcs

Unit price: negotiable

MOQ: 1000 pcs

Color: blue zinc

Quantity available: 100 0000 pcs

Term of trade: EXW / FOB / CIF

Application: factories, enterprise, schools, environmental protection, hardware,  building, etc.

* Place of origin: Junyi coated pipe Co., Ltd
* Brand: JY 

* Item: JY-1200E

* Manufacturing standard: Use the international standard materials to produce. Only the qualified products can pass Junyi strict quality control and inspection. 

* Design requirements: The standard is in accordance with the most universal specification in the industry. The design principles emphasizes on the safety of people, articles and equipment. And we also engage in prolonging the service life of our products.

* Production process: We emphasize the function of each foot cup. All products are produced under the precise manufacturing process. Producing unqualified products is not allowed.

* Sales areas: AsiaEuropeSouth AmericaNorth AmericaAustraliaMiddle East.


Inspection standard

Expect the regular standard gauge testing, we also add special gauge testing for every process, which ensure the functional index to reach the standard.