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Jun yi coated pipe Co., Ltd.
Address::No.2, Zhu Gang Road, Sha Tou Community,Chang'an Town, Dongguan City,Guangdong Province, China

JY-4000YS-P|silver Grey|casting plastic steel pipe|composite tube

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Product description

Product name: JY-4000YS-P

Plastic material: PE, ABS

Standard length(mm): 4000

Product weight(kg/m): 0.51-1.16

Packing: 1*40 m

Actual length(mm):4005~4010

Unit cost:negotiable

MOQ(m): 1000

Quantity available(m): 1 million

Steel thickness available(mm): 0.7,0.8,1.0,1.2,2.0

Plastic color:red, yellow, blue, green, black, ivory, off-white, porcelain white, safety-yellow,

 light blue, dark blue, grey, silver grey

Terms of trade:EXW / FOB / CIF

Application: factories, enterprises, schools, municipal administrations, business, agricultures, buildings, etc.

*  Place of originJunyi coated pipe Co.,Ltd

*  ItemJY-4000ZH-A

*  BrandJY       

*  Manufacturing standardusing international standard materials to produce, producing under Junyi strict quality control and inspection system.

*  Design requirementusing the most universal specifications in the industry as standard, emphasizing on the safety of people, articles, equipments when using,And we also engage in prolonging the service life of our products.

*  Production processemphasizing on the function of each pipe, producing accurately, never allowing unqualified products.

*  Sales areasAsia/Europe/south America/North America/Australia/Middle East



Inspection standard

Except the regular standard functional test, special functional test is added to every process to ensure that the functional indices reach the standard.

Product Advantage

*  The Inner wall of pipe has high density anti-rust coating layer. The service life of our products is longger several times than other non anti-rust coating products. Moreover, the pollution from metal corrosion is greatly reduced.

*  Each coated pipe reserve 5~10mm for cutting tolerance.

*  Various types of colors for selection.

*  The surface of the pipes get uniform plastic coating(as shown in the picture).

*  Bearing capacity tests data sheet



    Junyi coated pipes production is based on the international manufacturing standard and in strictly accordance with ISO9001 management control process. Under such quality control system, our products are produced with the fewest error. The anti-rust prevention and the durability has prolonged the service life of the products.

    Wide applicationthe coated pipes are widely used in the factories, schools, urban outdoors, businesses, facilities, farmlands, greenhouses, pastures. They has been made into the working tables, production trolleys, conveying lines, office desks, smart combination facilities, household furnitures, wardrobes, luggage carts, lockers, storage and warehouse racking system and so on.

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