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How will we produce our products?

High quality material

Quality raw materials are a good start! We pay attention to and strictly control the selection and use of raw materials

Metal material

Junyi metal joint and lean pipe series products, using high quality cold-rolled plate.

Metal connector series: t2.5mm raw materials will be used.

Lean tube series: the error of all thicknesses of materials with T 0.7, 0.8, 1.0, 1.2 and 2.0MM is controlled at plus or minus 0.05MM

Plastic raw materials

The new PE, ABS, PP, PE+ESD plastic material is adopted for the plastic coating of junyi shelf pipe, wheel of sliding track, and other plastic accessories.

Aluminium material

Junyi aluminum slideway, aluminum tube, aluminum joint aluminum products adopt high quality no. 6063 aluminum production.

product design

Humanized design: less time cost, more security

Assembly identification line design

Jun yi metal joint in the side design of identification line, so that the assembly more clear, fast, time - saving

The design of plum red hole

The tail of junyi's metal joint is left with meihuaikong, which has met the needs of special circumstances

Semi-circular arc design

All sharp corners of junyi's metal joints are designed to form a semi-circular arc structure, making it safer and more comfortable to hold and hold, reducing the user's assembly fatigue

Non-burr design

Junyi is the product designed and produced as: the edge of punch hole and product edge burr structure, so that the use and transportation of the product more safe

Double - layer, multi - point fastener design

Junyi's rack pipe joints, up and down are designed as a double-layer fastener layout, and the force bars are designed as three rows of multi-point wide rectangles, making the grip stronger and stronger

Professional design structure

Through - through semi - circular force structure design

Junyi metal joint, at the right Angle, adopts the force structure of the through connection to make the bearing capacity stronger

Anti-rust design of inner wall

Junyi lean pipe products, the inner wall of the anti-rust treatment, so that the anti-rust ability is stronger

Uniform packaging process design

Jun yi coating tube, the outer plastic coating more even, and metal joint more closely

Thickening process design

The unique thickening design adopted by junyi aluminum slideway is as high as T:2.5mm at the stress point, which makes the slideway bearing capacity stronger

Standardized process and equipment

Junyi has more than 100 production equipment, independent research and development is the production of molds, products using stamping, welding, injection, bending, electroplating and other processes in accordance with ISO9001 standardized production

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Copyright (C) 2003-2020, All Rights Reserved 粤ICP备17110657号

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