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Lean tube and accessories advantages:

1、Flexibility: The composite structure use the modular design. It is convenient to reassemble. It makes installation, adjustment, modification and dis-assembly very flexible and convenient.

2、Safety: The surface of coated pipe is plastic, it can reduce the risk of injury to workers in the workplace. 

3、Eco-Friendly: The process of assembly is pollution-free. The components are completely recyclable.We refuse to waste. It fully complies with the international concept of environmental protection.

4、Simple: It is convenient and easy to use the tools. You just need a M6 hexagon wrench to finish all installation process.

5Save the cost: The main raw material of coated pipe is steel and plastic.The main raw material of metal joint is SPCC. The main raw material of aluminium profile is aluminium alloy and its recovery rate is over 60%.

6、It can solve problems quickly: It is modular system. It can form a variety of production tools. It is adapted to the need for continuous improvement in the production site. It enables personalized solutions to be implemented quickly and accurately.

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