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Jun yi coated pipe Co., Ltd.
Address::No.2, Zhu Gang Road, Sha Tou Community,Chang'an Town, Dongguan City,Guangdong Province, China

    Jun yi coated pipe Co., Ltd.— —As a professional manufacturer,this is a industrial myths and legend to us for making a fantasy combination of full ranges of racking system products.
    Our main products are included “ coated pipes 、 metal joints 、 rollers track、 fixing parts “ which are wildly application for using on the modern industrial fields 、 energy saving office 、 warehouse、 logistics racking system、 production conveying line 、 shops shelving system 、 display racking system 、 living room shelving system , etc. .

    Anytime , with fantasy combinations , you can simply and easily change assembly into various shapes and function of the products as per your desire .Our company founded in the year of 2000 , under the wise and smart leadership of the founder , he advocated the spiritual motto of “ Happiness motivation 、 Happiness recycle 、 Pursuit for happiness 、 Certainty be happy“ , and also by striving over a decade with our whole team of professional staffs , we has become one of the leading coated pipes and roller tracks manufacturer in this industrial field .We launched our operation in a small area of 300 meters with iron finished hut factory , and now our size has been expanded and moved to a bigger industrial area of 10000 meters with well equipped facilities located at Chang’An city .

    With winning a good reputation from our business partners , we are proud to be their “ One Stop Shopping “ parts supplier “ .

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